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Aviation Career Counselling And Career Guidance

Do you seek carrier guidance to become a Pilot or pursue a Career in the glorious field of Aviation but don't have proper career counselling? If you want to take an informed decision, join this Golden ticket session aimed at aviation career counselling.

Join us for a one-hour career counselling session led by Retd. Squadron Leader Ajey Paranjape, a distinguished veteran of the Indian Air Force.

Squadron Leader Paranjape's pool of experience and expertise lies in career counselling for the aviation sector. His career guidance will serve as a beacon, as you prepare to embark on your flying journey. From the training and aviation career counselling required to earn your License to the Diverse Career Opportunities in the Aviation Industry, we'll cover it all with our counselling and carrier guidance. So ask your questions, and gain clarity on your path to a successful aviation Career.

Join us and let your dreams take flight!

What's Included In The Aviation Career Counselling Session?


- Limited Slots -

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DGCA Exam Preparation

Ground classes for DGCA exams. Classes for theory papers of Meteorology, Navigation, Regulation, Technical and RT.

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