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airbus flight simulator
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Aviation Summer Camp

3 days summer camp

6 hrs session on flight simulator

2 hr session each day

Fee: 6,000 + GST (18%)

1) Hands-on experience with cutting-edge flight simulators made in India.

2) Explore the cockpit layout and familiarize yourself with pilot instruments.

3) Learn the basics of aircraft control in a safe controlled environment.

4) Gain practical insights into piloting through simulated flight scenarios.

5) Perfect for aviation enthusiasts and aspiring pilots eager to pursue their passion.

6) Gain a firsthand understanding of flight fundamentals.

7) Embark on an interactive journey to discover the thrilling world of aviation.

pre type rating flight simulator


A fascinating world of aviation

Welcome to Yoskies, Pune's first and only aviation centre with a Flight Simulator.

Come and experience the country's first Made in India Airbus A320 simulator at our centre. Take the controls of our Airliner, Fighter, and Cessna simulators and embark on an extraordinary and unforgettable experience!

From School Kids to Professional Pilots, we have a program for everyone.

Flying an airplane virtually is now an experience accessible to everyone in Pune!

'No prior aviation experience required'

Pre and Post Type Rating

Designed for pilots interested in specialising in the Airbus A320.

The pre type rating course prepares pilots for the certification exam,

while the post-type rating provides additional pilot training

to aid them in enhancing their proficiency.

IFR Training

To train pilots how to navigate and operate an aircraft using only instruments and no external visual cues.

Covers advanced topics such as instrument approaches, holds, and procedures for flying in bad weather.

For Non-flyers

Designed for individuals new to the world of aviation.

Covers the fundamentals of aviation, aircraft components and systems, aerodynamics, ATC and so on.

Ideal for aviation enthusiasts, students, or someone who wants to discover more about the aviation industry.


For students who want to apply their aviation knowledge to real-world projects.

Covers a range of topics, from designing aircraft to building and testing prototypes.

Students work in teams to complete projects and gain valuable experience.

Media Corner


Yoskies is proud to present Pune's first flight simulator center. Choose from a variety of programmes to fly a Cessna 172 or an Airbus A320 simulator. Pre CPL pilot training in Pune is now accessible for all aspiring pilots.

At Yoskies, there are courses for both pilots and non-pilots. If you are a student or an aviation enthusiast, we have short courses, tairoled specifically for you.


At Yoskies, our mission is to open the doors for everyone that has the desire and passion to fly. Our goal is to give a real life experience of piloting an aircraft. 


Office #105, Survey No 35(P), 36(P), Mumbai - Bangalore Highway, near Audi showroom, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045

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